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Here the collection of covers and synopsis for all the issues we have done so far. If you are interested in picking up copies they are available through RabbitVally.com. Check em out!

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Issue #0
This is the very first issue produced. Only a short little taste of the comic. This was released free a nice teaser. We really wanted to get something out there to let the world know we were coming.
Issue #1
Circles Issue #1: In our previous issue (the preview issue), our team of house dwellers posted an advertisement in Triangle Books for an open space for a roommate.
Today, Marty checks out the apartment, and we meet all of the dwellers and their abode. It's about life... slightly bent.
Issue #2
Summer is here in Boston, and Marty's moving into 6 Kinsey Circle. He's invited the family over for dinner, but... Grandma's here too!?! Also, a look back at Howard Cruse's (Wendel All Together, Stuck Rubber Baby, Barefootz) first comic, Tops and Button. Circles. It's life... slightly bent.
Issue #3
"Paper Faces on Parade" and "Steppin' Out" Arthur makes overtures of peace to Doug, but Doug still blames him for getting Paulie sick. Will the Kinsey Six be down to Five? Also, Marty and Taye's first date, and introducing Jesu?s, the Peruvian drag-queen llama! Gay life in Boston... slightly bent. Mature readers (Adult language, mild violence) Available July 11, 2002.
Issue #4
It's December 2001! The Holidays descend on Kinsey Circle, and our boys are dealing with important issues like love, sex, responsibility, jealousy, hatred, charity, and making sure has the most fabulous display of lights in the neighborhood! Has Ken lured Marty to his gym just to embarrass him? What special favor does Douglas ask of Arthur? And what role does Gus, the lesbian boxing wolf, play in the drama? Questions are answered and answers are questioned in Circles Issue 4: "In His Anger and His Shame."
Issue #5
Take your mind back to the 1970's. The gay rights movement was young, and so was Paulie Mayhew. Follow Paulie's story from London to Boston. Meet his first love, Colin. Learn about his first encounters with John and Arthur and how they became the friends they are today. And, yes, you'll finally learn exactly how a smart guy like Paulie ended up sick. Circles Issue 5: "A Time of Innocence."
Issue #6
Sometimes people make mistakes, and they need to take responsibility for what they have done. That's a lesson Doug has been learning, and his return to Kinsey Circle brings with it a revelation and a new twist to his relationship with Paulie. Will their relationship survive the new roles they must assume? Find out in Circles Issue Six: Life is What Happens to You When You're Busy Making Other Plans.
Issue #7
Ken has a a reputation as the Kinsey’s house’s playboy, but has his latest beau turned out to be The One? And when Arthur and John discuss their past, what will it mean for their future? Find out in Issue Seven: Isn’t Anyone Trying to Find Me?
Issue #8
Winter comes late to Kinsey Circle in 2002, but changes are happening. Will Ken's new boyfriend pan out? Will Taye get another acting gig? Does Marty remain the cutest chubby skunk in comics today? Find out!
Collection Issues #0-#4
6 Kinsey Circle has a very unusual family... Join patriarch Paulie, his husband Douglas, college kid Marty, actor Taye, gigalo Ken, and artist Arthur for a look at life... slightly bent.
Based in Boston, Massachusetts from Winter 2000 to Winter 2001, the Circles house has its own special slice of life. Watch Marty and Taye fall in love, Ken learn a bit about relationships, and Doug learn to deal with the ghosts of his past which he's imagined up for himself.